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Share your experiences with THE MIX HOUSE!  

Alleviate Body Butter

"...It works great for my joint pain, stiffness and swelling!"

---- Liz,


Herbal Oils

Calming Body Butter

"I use this every night on the bottoms of my feet before bed to help me relax and fall asleep with ease."

— Dianne,

moderate aches and pains

Sunkissed Lip Balm

"LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this lip balm!! I buy 4-5 at a time! The smell is amazing and the formula keeps my lips moisturized, not sticky!"

---- Sarah

Herbal Oils

Alleviate Body Butter

"I keep a jar next to my bed! I rub it into my legs every night to avoid spasms, aches and pains. This stuff really works!

— Anthony,

moderate to severe restless leg syndrome

Herbal Oils

Awakening Facial Cream

"This is the best sh*t I've ever used in my life! Just look at my face!" 

— Karen,

mature skin

Facial Serum

"I'm obsessed with the smell of the serum for real! It reminds me of my old favorite Aveda product."

— Lauren


"BIG FAN of The Mix House products! My favorites are the lip balms (any scent) and the Awakening Facial Cream. The facial cream makes my skin so soft and smooth. When I order online, it is hassle free and is delivered within days. I will be ordering again and again!" 

---- Lora

Herbal Oils

Awakening Facial Cream

"My mom and I cannot live without this cream! People have been going up to my mother asking what her secret lady even asked if she was a vegan because she couldn't believe the results could just be from a topical cream!"  

— David

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