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Founded by Allison Vossberg and Tiffany Portsche in 2019, THE MIX HOUSE is dedicated to providing exceptional products for the mind, body and soul as well as outstanding customer service and support! As aromatherapists and skin care experts, we strive to create quality, personalized products that are not only beneficial for the health of your skin but also for your overall physical and emotional well being. Interaction with our customers is encouraged here at THE MIX HOUSE. Connecting with our customer base allows us to help create personalized therapeutic lip balms, body butters, lotions, salves, inhalers and essential oil blends. 

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Meet the owners:

Tiffany is a certified aromatherapist as well as a former aesthetician and make-up artist. Her knowledge of ingredients and their benefits for the skin goes back well over a decade. She has had a life long love for beauty and creating and is always looking into new ways to share her passions. As a mother of three children, her life is full of love, laughter and craziness.


Allison, a certified aromatherapist and former massage therapist in the state of Arizona, has an extensive background in essential oils, carrier oils and lotions. Continuing to learn and grow has always been something she enjoys. She is a wife and mother of three wonderful children that make her life complete. 

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